About Us

Hi I’m Chioma, thanks for stopping by our store.
I started Aesthetics by Chioma when I was 19 going on 20 years old, selling my products on my campus during my first degree after I decided to share with other naturals my secret to long and healthy natural hair.
My secret was and still is a clean, simple & conscious hair routine.
My hair meant and still means a lot to me, I have always cared for it deeply and so I’ve always been conscious about each ingredient that goes onto my hair, and body alike. 
As a black woman, my hair has come a long way, especially living in the society we do where straight hair is equalled to "good hair". So when I finally decided to stop relaxing my hair during my late teens - that was a huge step for me, a step towards finally embracing my own blackness and defying beauty standards of society.
I believe in self love and self care because of this, and Aesthetics by Chioma is my way of sharing its importance. 
So, I decided to fuse my passion for pro-blackness, natural hair, friendly ingredients & self care, and Aesthetics by Chioma was born! 
Thank you for choosing me to join you in your self-care journey