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Brown Sugar Scrub

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Exfoliating Brown Sugar Scrub
Natural, sweet, and gentle exfoliation for
softer, smoother & glowy skin on your body



sucrose, coconut oil, turmeric, vanilla, sweet almond oil, raw shea oil, lemon oil, natural surfactant 

How to use

not for the face

use 1-3 times a week on cleansed & wet skin to
remove dead skin cells & revive dull skin,

then rinse off for visibly more radiant, even toned & youthful skin

Skin Types

for body, not facial skin

Delivery Time

3-8 Working days in South Africa

30 days for International Orders

Please check your inbox for an automatic order confirmation email immediately after ordering - check spam / junk mail too!

  • sucrose

    natural humectant: draws moisture from surrounding areas into skin, gently buffs dead skin cells, natural source of glycolic acid

  • turmeric

    brightens skin, evens tone, fades dark spots, detoxifying

  • lemon oil

    fights bacteria trapped in pores, clarifies skin, exfoliates pores, prevents breakouts on body

  • coconut oil

    smooths skin, provides antioxidants, easily absorbed into the skin, antibacterial, promotes skin healing

  • sweet almond oil

    improves & brightens skin tone, rich in vitamin e

  • raw shea oil

    reduces scarring, boosts collagen, relieves dryness, full of antioxidants, treats hyperpigmentation

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"Our products are filled with the best, 100% natural, clean & simple ingredients sourced from all over Africa, because you're worth it. Thank you for choosing us to help you embrace your natural beauty!"

-Chioma, Founder

ingredients sourced from africa

we use ingredients carefully selected from all over africa. our products are a product of our passion for clean beauty and natural ingredients found on the african continent, because you're worth it