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Vanilla Scented Shea Butter

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Vanilla Scented Whipped Shea Butter for Natural Hair & Skin
One of nature’s best kept secrets, deliciously scented, for moisturised skin and healthier, longer hair

Store in a cool dry place


shea nut butter + shea nut oil + vanilla

How to use

patch test before use

•use to richly moisturise your skin 

•or to lock moisture into your hair after hydrating with water or with your desired moisturiser

•use on the body to fade scars, acne, relieve dry skin, rid hyperpigmentation and dark marks 

•use after cleansing hair/body with Aesthetics by Chioma black soap bar or our liquid black soap

• apply onto damp hair & skin for best results

does not clog pores-safe to use on the face safe for sensitive skin types

Skin Types

not recommended for the face

Delivery Time

3-8 Working days in South Africa

30 days for International Orders

Please check your inbox for an automatic order confirmation email immediately after ordering - check spam / junk mail too!

the self-care you deserve

"Our products are filled with the best, 100% natural, clean & simple ingredients sourced from all over Africa, because you're worth it. Thank you for choosing us to help you embrace your natural beauty!"

-Chioma, Founder

ingredients sourced from africa

we use ingredients carefully selected from all over africa. our products are a product of our passion for clean beauty and natural ingredients found on the african continent, because you're worth it