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Welcome to Skincare 101 - for beginners or those looking to take their skin journey to the next level, and everyone in between 


Shea butter, cocoa pod ash,
coconut oil, palm kernel oil, water

How to use

use in paste form on your face or hair as a mask after cleansingmix a small amount with water or Aesthetics by Chioma Rose Mist to form your desired consistencyadd in a couple drops of an Aesthetics by Chioma Oil of your choice to reap their benefits as welluse 2-3 times a week and leave on skin for 10 minutes, apply with a clean brush or your fingersgreat for low porosity hair/ avoid applying too much on high porosity hairleave on hair for 15-20 minutes then rinse and moisturise with Aesthetics by Chioma Shea Butter & any Aesthetics by Chioma Oil best suited for your hair goals strictly mix with a plastic/wooden spoon in a non-metal bowl

Skin Types

safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin


- do not use in conjunction with vitamin C; use vitamin C serum during the day and retinol cream at night

- do not use in conjunction with AHAs / BHAs

- do not use while pregnant

the self-care you deserve

"Our products are filled with the best, 100% natural, clean & simple ingredients sourced from all over Africa, because you're worth it. Thank you for choosing us to help you embrace your natural beauty!"

-Chioma, Founder

ingredients sourced from africa

we use ingredients carefully selected from all over africa. our products are a product of our passion for clean beauty and natural ingredients found on the african continent, because you're worth it